Reflection & Renewal

As a schoolteacher we are taught/trained to be reflective in order to improve our lessons as well as our ability to convey knowledge to... Read More


As a general rule, Freemasonry tends to be concerned with internal matters—spiritual and educational practices within oneself, and ritual practiced within the four windowless... Read More

Three Grand Columns

It is easy, Masonically, to confuse wisdom with knowledge as it is to do so in profane life. Knowledge is the cognizance of facts.... Read More

By the Square

Research shows that the use of the expression, “by the square,” or “on the square” has been so thoroughly adopted throughout the world –... Read More

Does Your Apron Still Fit?

When a new Entered Apprenticed Mason is initiated, the Worshipful Master grants the Senior Warden the authority to invest the newly initiated brother with... Read More

The Statue Beneath

The story is told of a man who turned to the famous sculptor, Gutron Borglum (a Freemason), whose work he had been admiring. “How... Read More